Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book Giveaway! Includes one seemingly magical baby dust book!

Hello All,

As I said yesterday I am holding a giveaway for the fertility books that I own, as we are so fortunate to be in our 23rd week of pregnancy with our wee one.

There are 2 books which I found very informative and helpful.

The first I got before I know that I had FSH issues and before my cycle went off the rails - I was just naively preparing for what I thought would be a fairly easy process...

1) Do You Want to Have a Baby?, Natural Fertility Solutions and Pregnancy Care, By Sarah Abernathy and Linda Page, Ph.D. -168 pages full of natural fertility enhancement information

The second I won here on blogger through a giveaway Emma at One Perfect Emby
held back in August.  At that point she was 14 weeks along in her pregnancy.  She had received the book through a giveaway held by Athena at A Field of Dreams who also successfully achieved pregnancy and is enjoying being a mom to a beautiful boy.

The book travelled across the pond from Australia to me here in Canada and I love the special legacy it seems to have developed.  My sincere hope (as is the hope of Emma and Athena who I have run this by) is that it will continue to bring good luck to those struggling in the difficult world of infertility.

I have written in the front inside cover the 'family tree' of the legacy of the book and I truly hope that it continues and can be passed successfully from woman to woman leaving a trail of sticky BFPs in its wake!

2) The Infertility Handbook; By Angela I. Hutchins.  The complete resource for couples longing to have a baby.  Published in New Zealand, with many resources for all of us in the Infertility world.

I'm not a SUPER active blogger, as many of you know - especially recently with my schooling.  So I've not heavily promoted my blog and do not have a lot of followers.  Many of you, however, do.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in either of these books please have them pop over to my blog to enter the giveaway.  They do not need to follow me.  Just leave a comment that ensures I can find them again and they will be entered.

Since I don't have many followers I'm going to give it about 2 weeks for entries.  Hopefully I will get a few.

To enter just leave a comment on this post (make sure I can reach you back if you are 'anonymous'!).

All the best folks...



  1. Hi SCS....great to see you back (thanks for popping in on my blog!) and glad to hear all is well (and actively kicking) in your world!....I don't have either of those books, but I need all the magic I can get these days, so I would love The Infertility Handbook and the good luck it has brought you and everyone else!

  2. Not looking for fertility books but very very happy to see you back and things sounding good. I've missed your posts. Have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing more of you online again.x

  3. Congratulations on your PG! I'm so surprised to see how far this book has travelled and I really do hope it gives that magic sprinkle of baby dust to those who acquire it. Just to clarify, the book first came to my posession well after I had my son. The competition I held was to boost readership on my new blog as well as promotion for the author. Luck aside - the book is awesome in providing information on anything ttc related, assisted conception, alternative therapies and the authors first account of her own IF battle.